Not for one second did the site of the Tor2door stop its work, many people wanted to block it including law enforcement agencies but since the site works in the tor zone it is simply not possible.

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Tor2door is the largest shop in the CIS countries. In any city, you can purchase absolutely any product in a matter of minutes after crediting to the account.

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The torus system is the safest in the 21st century sites in the tor network can not be blocked or deleted since no one controls the server precisely because it has been working smoothly for more than one year.

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Tor2door Market.

Special checks of sellers of goods on the market.

Since the Tor2door is a kind of market for goods, all sellers undergo a thorough check that would not let the buyer down. 1) Checking the availability of the goods with the seller 2) Evaluation of the quality of the goods by independent chemists 3) Payment of the fee before placing After which you can purchase the goods in one of the ways.

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As soon as you have credited bitcoins to your account and after choosing a seller, you can instantly order the goods and get the address of the location since they make deposits in advance.


Paying for the pre-order, you get the opportunity to place the treasure according to your wishes, as well as the number of goods.


Bitcoin wallet
Monero Wallet

When you register on the Tor2door website, you immediately receive a bitcoin wallet that can be replenished through exchangers. There are several ways to replenish the balance.

Use the exchanger

For convenience in Google, you can enter a best-change platform there are hundreds of ways to exchange fiat funds for cryptocurrency in particular BTC.

Purchase via Qiwi

As soon as you replenish your Bitcoin wallet, after that you will have access to methods of replenishment through the Qiwi wallet.